Solar Thermal for industries:
A key for decarbonization

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Absolicon concentrating solar collectors

Live Webinar: Solar Thermal - A key for decarbonization

Save the date. In Absolicon Live Webinar Series, we will host key-players from all over the world to discuss about Solar thermal for industries.

On February 25th at 2:00 PM for our first episode we will have the pleasure to have as a guest:

  • Hammam Soliman Senior Sales manager, Aalborg CSP
  • Raul Villalba Van Dijk Director of International Development, Solatom
  • Puneet Saini Business development Engineer, Absolicon

We will be discussing Solar Thermal Technologies and Opportunities for industrial scale applications.

Hosted By: Carlo Semeraro Chief Sales Officer, Absolicon

Absolicon webinar promo _ A key For Decarbonization


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